If you are a tobacco smoker who is trying to kick the habit, then you have most probably heard of electronic cigarettes and its many benefits and advantages.  Hence, more and more people are giving a try and after using it for a while, they finally get the hang of it and decide to switch.  Maybe you are still unconvinced about quitting tobacco smoking and going for its electronic version.  Well, once you are made aware of the biggest advantage of smokeless cigarettes and the logical reasons behind it, you just might finally make up your mind to stop smoking and yes to “vaping”

You are probably aware that e-cigs do not cause any foul smell that smoking does.  Well, this is good for your social life because your friends, colleagues and the people who you are trying to impress will no longer be turned off by the smell that sticks to your hair and clothes.  So you can feel free to “vape” all you want and never worry about the smell.  It also helps your appearance a lot in a sense that it will not cause your teeth to turn yellow the way that cigarette smoking does.  So in terms of being more likeable and popular, going for an e-cigarette sure is better than choosing to cigarette smoke.  However, is that the biggest advantage of electronic cigarette vaping?  Although all those things are great, that is not necessarily the best thing about making the switch from cigars smoking to electronic cigarette vaping.

Electronic Cigarette VS Conventional Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette VS Conventional Cigarette

Did you know that by making the switch to electric cigarettes, you are actually saving yourself some cash in the long run?  Yes, it may seem like a lot considering that you have to pay for your e-cig in one go.  The thing is, buying cigarettes are actually pretty tricky.  It seems less expensive because the initial amount that you pay is not that great.  However, take out your calculator and do the math.  How much cigarettes do you smoke in a day?  Multiply this to the number of days a week; then the number of weeks a month; then the number of months a year.  You will be surprised how the commodity that you thought of was “cheap” actually made you spend a great amount of money that you could have spent elsewhere.  It is not exactly the most practical thing in the world.

However, all those things do not compare to the biggest advantage of e-cigs.  We have often heard of the saying “health is wealth” and that is true.  You can have all the money in the world and the best doctors at your disposal but there are instances wherein you just cannot buy your health.  Electronic cigarettes have no carcinogens and tar that is present in tobacco smoking.  Hence, you know that it would not contribute to your chances of having cancer in the future and the absence of tar makes it the healthier option.

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